doubt about MP campaing

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doubt about MP campaing

Post by jacksongotz »

Hello I am new to the forum and in the game too. I started playing last week and found the game fascinating, but do not know how to play multiplayer campaigns
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Re: doubt about MP campaing

Post by Iris »

This doesn’t really belong in the Release Announcements forum and it will just go unnoticed there, so, moved to Users’ Forum.
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Re: doubt about MP campaing

Post by Dugi »

To play a multiplayer campaign, click on the multiplayer button, select the multiplayer mode (you'll probably want to join official server), and then you'll see a list of maps, and multiplayer campaigns are on the that list, along with multiplayer scenarios and custom maps.
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Re: doubt about MP campaing

Post by trewe »

Starting a MP Campaign isn't very different then starting a regular scenario. Though you should take some things in mind:
- always check “use map settings” on
- make sure all players have the same version of the campaign (and maybe game itself)
- avoid reloading, but when you do so follow the advices on the Multiplayer forums
- have plenty of time (it is not uncommon that scenarios take ~4 hours, each)
- don't uses eras/settings the author didn't want (balance), most of time only the default era is safe
(although mods like XP mod or item drops should be too)

Be prepared for a lot of quitters and long waiting time when creating a new game, it isn't easy finding a reliable player. But otherwise don't let you intimated by all those advices, MP campaigns can be quite a lot of fun :wink:

Popular ones are World Conquest, The Great Quest and Return from Captivity.
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Re: doubt about MP campaing

Post by roidanton »

Regarding quitters, this can happen to you in any MP scenario.

IMO, the risk of people quitting can actually be much lower in a MP campaign such as World Conquest if you clearly communicate things. Make sure people understand that a scenario could take several hours, that it requires cooperative team effort, whether they're willing to continue on another day, etc. And, most importantly, everyone should feel comfortable and have a great time while playing.

And when people do quit on you, it's not the end of the world, you can still find people who're willing to continue the game. Simply reload it / ask in the lobby whether someone wants to continue.
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