The Location of the Races in Wesnoth

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The Location of the Races in Wesnoth

Post by Dutys_Fist »


I was looking at the History of Factions and Races on the Wiki (, and noticed that Wose are not on the continent of Wesnoth from 100-1000 YW. Is the wiki horribly maintained, or is there something I am missing?

(A note to ze moderators: I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place; there is'nt any defined place to post questions one has, so I hazarded a guess and put it here)
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Re: The Location of the Races in Wesnoth

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Well, the woses show up on the green isle (TRoW), so they probably live wherever there are trees. :hmm:
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Re: The Location of the Races in Wesnoth

Post by zookeeper »

That page is from 2005 and no one's been keeping it up-to-date since. It should be heavily updated, or simply removed.

As for woses, there's no particular location(s) assigned to them. They'd likely avoid heavily populated areas and be more numerous in old, large forests, but other than that the probability of finding a wose in any given square acre of forest ought to be pretty constant.
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