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Wesnoth statistics

Post by Viliam »

I was curious about Wesnoth usage; here are a few data I found:

In recent days, Wesnoth on SourceForge has cca 1700 downloads daily. (This number can mean many different things: new players, players upgrading from previous versions, etc.)

Downloads by country: 21% USA, 13% Brazil, 8% Germany, 6% France, 5% Russia, 4% Poland, 3% China, Canada, Italy, 2% Czech Rep., Turkey, Spain, UK, Japan, Finland, Australia, 1% ...

Downloads by operating system: 82% Windows, 13% Mac, 3% Linux... (These numbers are imprecise, because there are 2% "unknown", and also non-Windows users may use package managers to install the game. So in reality I expect a bit less Windows.)

Number of users on multiplayer server: oscillating daily between 100 and 300.

If you have some other interesting numbers, please write them here.
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Re: Wesnoth statistics

Post by lipk »

Wesnoth was the Open Source Game of the Year at LinuxQuestions.org in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010 as well :)
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Re: Wesnoth statistics

Post by averyimaginativename »

Here are Debian stats for Wesnoth 1.9 - surprisingly popular for a development release.


Wesnoth 1.8 has sadly levelled off a bit, but has still shown a general upward trend.

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