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Happy Birthday WIF

Post by luigit »

happy birthday to Wesnoth Italian Forum that today celebrates four years of life :D


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Re: Happy Birthday WIF

Post by Sangel »

Happy birthday indeed!

One of Wesnoth's strengths has always been the incredibly diverse mix of nationalities it attracts. While language barriers can sometimes prove challenging, there's something incredibly satisfying about jumping online and ending up in a match with two Americans, a Kiwi, a Brit, a Swede, and an Italian... all complaining about how long it takes to get anywhere in a 6-player game of Wesnoth. ;-)
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Re: Happy Birthday WIF

Post by Araja »

What he said, but especially during co-operative gametypes. I have lots of memories from joining SX or Colloseum games and ending up with say, an American, a Spaniard, a German and a Frenchman. It's amazing how many games you can find where there's no more than one person from each country.

It's like the various games and films where humanity has united against a common enemy. However frustrating the language problems may be, (Communicating entirely through emoticons is both tragic and hilarious) there's a strange enjoyment in being part of an international team. It doesn't feel like an evening wasted if you've befriended a group of strangers from around the world. That just leaves you glowing. :)

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