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Re: Game Promotion

Post by 8680 »

I was thinking more along the lines of "pyramid marketing scam."
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Re: Game Promotion

Post by Deukalion »

8680 wrote:I was thinking more along the lines of "pyramid marketing scam."
Ah! I should have guessed. No, nothing like that. Although, if you are interested in a pyramid scam, I could sign you right up, you would be working directly below me, and as soon as you recruit a couple more people, you'll start making tons of money and...

Anyway, I've been promoting the game at work, and I have piqued a few people's interests. This game has a wide appeal!
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Re: Game Promotion

Post by stegyre »

SigurdTheDragon wrote:One fairly easy thing (if you have facebook) is adding this Wesnoth Page as an interest on your facebook.

FWIW, I learned of BfW by word of mouth from another player over at SJG's UltraCorp. (I then got my two young sons hooked: anyone looking to play an 8-yr old and a 6-yr old? :whistle: ) Based on that experience, I'd say your most fruitful recruiting is on forums for other sorts of games.
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