Battle for Wesnoth - Portable Version

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Battle for Wesnoth - Portable Version

Post by darkwraith007 »

I'd love to be able to have a 'portable' version of BfW that I could just pop on my 4 GB flash drive and easily copy to other friend's computers to let them play it.
But there's a problem.

The 'installer' for BfW actually creates registry entries. I mean WTF!? Registry entries for a f-in open source game!? Who's dumb f-in idea was that!? Who EVER thought that was a good idea!?
Registry = bad. Registry = BAD. REGISTRY = BAD!!! Its not that f-in hard to figure out. The registry being required for many Windows programs is one of the reasons its so hated as an OS.

So yeah, how about a version without an installer and one that does NOT make registry entries? I realize the devs only release the source and not the individual executables for OSes, but it still wouldn't hurt if I could at least be able to have contact method/info for the person in charge of the Windows distro to see what they could do.

On a related note, how about being able to download the addons and associated files without having to do so from in-game? It would be really wonderful to actually be able to backup the downloaded files in case we upgrade/change versions of BfW.

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Re: Battle for Wesnoth - Portable Version

Post by Soliton »

Try again when you have learned to post in a reasonable manner. Locked.
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