No more "unknown unit" in multiplayer, please.

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Re: No more "unknown unit" in multiplayer, please.

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It really depends on the game.

I used to have these N64 racing games (X-Zone?? can't remember)... They hid vehicles I could potentially use later when I win some races. At first my vehicles were crap. It wasn't easy to win races, and when I did get new vehicles I got were only marginally better; but the races keep getting harder and harder and I wasn't getting better fast enough. I wanted to know what I'd get later to see if it was worth playing to get it but the info was hidden.

I almost gave up the game until I found out some cheats to unlock all vehicles, after which I had fun with it all the way until xbox came out.

Mass Effect, (xbox 360, pc), on the other hand, has a codex that only gives information as you discover it. (e.g in a conversation with an NPC, it reveals some information about an alien race. when the conversation finish, information about the said race will appear in the codex). I really liked this; I'd go read parts as soon as they were given. This broke my exploration into parts, to maintain curiosity. otherwise there was just too much to read and I'd have given up exploring the fluff.

On wesnoth... when I started I never looked at unit description; just played HttT to find out about new units as they appear (discovering units IS fun, I recall). That's why I've thought limiting information in the 'codex' kind of dubious... New players won't suddenly go to unit description just to read up on units; They'll be half way into HttT before they take a peek at the 'codex' and have already discovered most of the units. But with the ":discover" command so I can invoke it if I happen to be re-installing wesnoth from scratch, I now don't really mind. Keep the status quo, I say.
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