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Re: Farewell

Post by Thrawn »

A Guy wrote:What has been happening lately? Has someone done something like this?

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I think so...

have a great life Bob, and your work on showing the power of WML through your creations! You'll be missed, along with Taraus, Turin, West, and everyone else who seems to be leaving ...

...please remember that "IT'S" ALWAYS MEANS "IT IS" and "ITS" IS WHAT YOU USE TO INDICATE POSSESSION BY "IT".--scott

this goes for they're/their/there as well
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Re: Farewell

Post by Unnheulu »

West has left?
Aww I learnt so much art stuff from him. :(
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Re: Farewell

Post by Quietus »

farewell bob, you were the first person ever to comment me :)
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Re: Farewell

Post by jb »

Bye then!
Weak. Totally lame. :/

You made a quantum leap in wesnoth.

Leaping from project to project, with each leap hoping it would be the leap home... haha, kidding.

Though I suspect you'll be back (they always come back), do me a favor and send me a PM when you find a new shiny online time-killer. There will always be another game, but there will only ever be one Bob the Mighty.

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