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Post by Bob_The_Mighty »

When I stumbled upon Wesnoth I knew it was the sort of game that would suck me in wholly. It was a great when I started (around 1.0.3 I think), and has got much better. So I'd like to say thank you to everyone that has helped make it. It's awesome.

Of course, I don't think I would have stuck around this long if it were not for the potential for making new stuff for the game. I used to make a lot of boardgames years ago, but they were generally so complicated that nobody would ever play them with me :cry:. Wesnoth has allowed me to reinvoke my strange fascination with concocting rule-sets, and, moroever, provided willing players! I have generally tried to make games that I wanted to play; that other people liked them too was great. However, I must say that creating these things has felt a bit like a compulsion at times. Now I think I have saited the urge, and besides I need to focus on other stuff.

If anyone wants to take over or maintain any of my add-ons, that would be great. If so, maybe put your name down on this thread, and I can PM you the .pbl file containing the password.

Prior to Wesnoth I had no experience of coding or of being part of an internet 'community'. Both have been interesting lessons. I've had fun here and most of the people that play this game seem like good people. So thanks!

I daresay I may pop back for a game next time I'm ill or particularly skint - but I shan't be missing whole nights of sleep chasing bugs anymore. I see shiny buttons, do they see me?

Bye then!
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Re: Farewell

Post by Noy »

I hope you pop online from time to time to play a game.

If not, I wish you well in your endevours; given your skill at this game, I'm sure you'll do well.
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Re: Farewell

Post by Rhuvaen »

What you have created for MP has been an eye-opener to other creators. You've truly taken the game to new frontiers! I am not at all surprised when you say that content-creation (especially on the scope of your works) sucks you in - I'm "clean" for the better part of a year and still feel it. Besides, your creations have provided the most immersive and well-polished experience in Wesnoth for me and countless other players on the MP server.

Respect for taking this decision and best wishes for your further adventures!
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Re: Farewell

Post by JW »

Bob, you were a pleasure to play with, and your creations kept me playing Wesnoth for months. It's too bad I've never seen any of your board games! ;)

Take care man, you're one of my fav people I've e-met from this game.
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Re: Farewell

Post by zookeeper »

Farewell, Bob! I wish all add-on makers were as inventive and hard-working as you. ;)

I can't make any promises, but I might want to port BoL and/or LoC to 1.5 at some point, along with other little tinkering. That kind of content is worth taking care of, after all.
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Re: Farewell

Post by Sapient »

Thanks for giving power back to the people, Bob!
You did it, man. 8)

Also, you said that you had no coding experience prior to Wesnoth? Wow, you could have fooled me on that one.

Congrats on all the awesome add-ons and we'll see you around.
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Re: Farewell

Post by Jozrael »

Me and my friends have enjoyed your content as much (if not more in some of their cases) as the mainline game Bob. You shall be missed, if only for your works by those who did not personally know you.
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Re: Farewell

Post by WYRMY »

I liked all your MP stuff and I'll be sad now that there'll be no more :(
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Re: Farewell

Post by Ken_Oh »

Have a good Wesbreak. I enjoyed seeing your stuff stretch the limits of what Wesnoth is.
Bob_The_Mighty wrote:I need to focus on other stuff.
Might I ask, real life stuff or anything else game-related? Make sure you drop us a line if you do any work on any other game.
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Re: Farewell

Post by woodmouse »

Bob! Are you really going...? :cry: I mean, I like your add-ons! They're the greatest things in Wesnoth! :D But now there is no more coming them... :cry: I hope you are not "comletely" leaving? :cry: I mean, all other great people are leaving and now you! :cry: I hope Mabuse isn't leaveing soon... Welll, I think it is like all the great people get bored of the things the not so great people do...? :cry:
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Re: Farewell

Post by Truper »

Bye Bob! I was always awed by what you managed to accomplish in Wesnoth - your scenarios were innovative (an understement!) and fun. I was glad to contribute to some of them in my own small way. Good luck with whatever obsesses you next! ;)
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Re: Farewell

Post by Mabuse »

hehe, need a small break ?
creating stuff is not only hard work, its also a sacrifice - so take some time for you

but im pretty sure obsession may get you again, its simply in your blood. :lol2:
maybe in a half year or something :wink:

your mods are very great both in execution and concept,
and in the near future i may have a lot of Fun with your latest creation, galactic empires - (of course i thank here also the guys from spacenoth)

there is no real need to do much about it though, its pretty good already
so i wouldnt dare to "maintain" the main galactic empires, but may make a Map for it or maybe two, who knows (finally the main map is already pretty good, it has all the game needs - though i may try also to make a map, and if its just a plain copy of your map gameplay wise)

maybe one thing could be added in a new map (but not in the man map imo, the main map needs to be a constant, fair for all players map), for some diversity, the TYPE of Artifacts could be chosen by random, so you sometimes have to adapt your strategy a bit, or go other "routes" to play a certain strategy perhaps - orsimply adapt your strategies after the artifacts you find (or even ignore them completely)

so what can i say ... drop in for a game if you feel so !

your games will last forever ;)
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Re: Farewell

Post by DDR »

They DO last forever.

Sorry to see you go, I always liked your work. :)
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Re: Farewell

Post by A Guy »

What has been happening lately? Has someone done something like this?

Code: Select all

I'm just... a guy...
I'm back for now, I might get started on some work again.
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Re: Farewell

Post by krotop »

I'm truly sorry to acknowledge that the chances to share a game with each other are even more reduced than before. However, I feel also glad that you decided to have some healthy rest from coding, at last. You were really demanding yourself a lot here, and it shows in the quality of your work, as anyone who played it can attest.

At the moment, I can't really find better cheering words for your real life than "hang on !", and I'm pretty sure you will.
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