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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Sapient »

Turambar - Enjoy your wesbreak.
The unwritten histories of Wesnoth remain shrouded until your return.
8) "Looks like your skills saved us again. Uh, well at least, they saved Soarin's apple pie."
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Noyga »

Have a nice real life wesbreak.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Zhukov »

You're what? But... you... but... that's not...

Well, bugger. The wesnoth forums aren't going to be the wesnoth forums without you.

See ya.

PS. Satan just called. Apparently hell is experiencing an uncharacteristic cold snap.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by SAM MK II »

Have fun in Europe. If I ever pick up one of your books please don't let it have an elf on the cover.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by A Guy »

Zhukov wrote:You're what? But... you... but... that's not...

Well, bugger. The wesnoth forums aren't going to be the wesnoth forums without you.

See ya.

PS. Satan just called. Apparently hell is experiencing an uncharacteristic cold snap.
This made me laugh XD
I'm just... a guy...
I'm back for now, I might get started on some work again.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by cretin »

turin if you magically happen to go to my school in rome i swear i will jump into the river tiber
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Thrawn »

gah...another one falls.... :cry:

Have fun with real life (TM), and drop in from time to time to say hi ^__^

mwahaha, soon I'll be the only old blood :twisted:
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this goes for they're/their/there as well
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Redeth »

You can't really leave Wesnoth, because you're already a part of it. The forums will miss you tho'. See ya :)
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by appleide »

turin wrote: I've outlasted almost everyone who was on the forums when I joined (I was here before Jetryl :shock: )
And I was here before you. You haven't outlasted me ;)
turin wrote: Bye everybody. ;)
You'll be back.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by La_vie_en_Wose »

Goodbye Turin.
I guess my departure inspired yours
Anyway, you're a very strong minded person, you have style and I appreciate you even if you're a Texan.

Ne lâche rien !

Best regards.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by kitty »

a little goodbye from me, too! i didn't get to know you well but you'll be missed.

and please take care not to marry your sister while dwelling far from home. there are nice girls beside níniel, for sure...
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Yogibear »

There were a couple of times where we had very different opinions, but i have always respected you for being a straightforward and honest guy. That is something that has become all too seldom on this world.

I wish all the best.

See ya.
Smart persons learn out of their mistakes, wise persons learn out of others mistakes!
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Sangel »

Turin leaving Wesnoth? That's a little hard to wrap my mind around. Nevertheless, have fun in Rome. Come back whenever the fancy takes you - these forums just won't be the same without you.
"Pure logic is the ruin of the spirit." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Cuyo Quiz »

I've been losing all the comedic candidates as of late. You'll be lurking, i hope.
Cuyo Quiz,where madness meets me :D
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Pazx »

but... thats im, im,... impossible.
you are the forums Turin. It won't be the same...
now we can get those drakes on without Turin complaining!

G'Bye man.
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