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Post by turin »

Well then.

It seems the time has come for me to say goodbye to Wesnoth... for now, anyway. :cry:

There has been a recent spike in my Wesnoth activity - due to summer vacation - but other than that, I have been much less active on the forums for the last year or so than I was in years past. I expect this reduced level of activity to drop to basically nothing (though I may drop in every now and again to see how things are going).

(And my recent entry into Wesnoth MP will probably come to an abrupt halt as well; my school, for obscure reasons, blocks the ports that MP uses. :evil: I'm considering petitioning the school to open them (you need to go through the official gaming club and they only open the ports for the top ten games, but I might be able to get Wesnoth into that group, I don't know yet).)

So, explanation time... Real Life interferes, as one might expect. I'm going to be at school next semester in Rome ( :D ), and I'm going to be busy:
1) Studying. Rather self-explanatory - even the most brilliant and intuitive of us (what, me, arrogant? :P) still need to read the material, and I'm going to be taking four courses which require a lot of reading (the price of a liberal arts education...)
2) Hanging out with Real Life friends. Un/fortunately, I have had forced on me many more Real Life friends in the last year than I had previously, and I am apparently expected to, like, spend time with them... absurd right?
3) Going random places in Europe on weekends. I mean, what's the point of spending thousands of dollars (well, not my money, but still) to go to Rome for a semester if I'm not going to take advantage of the fact that I'm on a different continent?
4) Writing. I've been putting a lot more effort into writing recently - the traditional kind, not Wesnoth campaigns - and I want to get serious about it. I don't know if I have the talent to actually write, but I'd like to try. So, whatever Wesnoth-forum-time that is not converted into 1), 2), or 3) will hopefully go towards this.

I'm going to be in Rome for four months, approximately, and then be back in the US. I'll probably start playing Wesnoth MP again then, but don't expect me to come back to the forums.

As for my Wesnoth development (which is a slightly different question than my Wesnoth forum presence) - well, the only thing I work on currently that is Wesnoth-related, besides a few random spriting jobs for Jetryl, is the World of Orbivm. Which is more than enough to keep me busy - we're still only about half of the way to a release that contains all the planned units, to say nothing of animations, campaigns, balancing, etc. I still intend to continue as main developer of that project, but I probably won't get a whole lot done over the next four months. But I'm not going to stop working on it entirely.

Well, anyway, it's been fun, guys. I've been here since early 2004. That's nearly five years - I was 13 then (and kind of a jerk) and am almost 18 now (and still a jerk, but hopefully more subtle about it :twisted: ). I've outlasted almost everyone who was on the forums when I joined (I was here before Jetryl :shock: ), and the next generation, and the next, and the next, and... I've survived at least two major forum wipe-outs, many more minor server crashes, and one update to PHPBB3.0 (which I still haven't entirely gotten used to). But now is the time for me to move on. I'll miss it. I guess that's why I'm writing this huge farewell post instead of just "bye everybody".

Bye everybody. ;)
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Peter the Great »

We'll miss you until you come back a few moths from now, and good luck with that petition.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Baufo »

turin wrote: (And my recent entry into Wesnoth MP will probably come to an abrupt halt as well; my school, for obscure reasons, blocks the ports that MP uses. :evil: I'm considering petitioning the school to open them (you need to go through the official gaming club and they only open the ports for the top ten games, but I might be able to get Wesnoth into that group, I don't know yet).)
I don't get the point of that, if they don't have a computer-games-are-evil policy and allow some games they might as well allow all. Anyways you might be interested in tunnelizing software :twisted:. As far as I know some people at my school have used this program to play World of Warcraft during lessons. (I don't know where they where they got their proxy from though.)

Well, I'll miss you. So long. Have fun in Rome.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by zookeeper »

Oh, that sucks.

Well, at least I can then hijack your mainline campaigns and tweak them as much as I want without asking you first. :D
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Blarumyrran »

Turin, that means, if you leave now, SoF will have mushrooms. Lots of them. Lurking. Sentient. Unstoppable.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Iris »

Farewell Turin, we'll miss you. :(
Dave, now release Neoriceisgood to finish those drakes! It is our opportunity to slip them into future versions without Turin complaining about it!
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Jozrael »

Well this is kinda lame =(. I don't blame ye tho.

Turin, you were one of the coolest peeps on here and the forums will miss your presence. Fare well.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Zachron »

I talk to most of my IRL friends via email most of the time. lol.

You'll be missed quite a bit. I guess I'll have to wait longer for more single frame sprites. Au revior!
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by DDR »

Everyone's leaving! :cry:

But, wow, what a reason to leave!

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Re: Goodbye?

Post by dontano »

"Sad.... so sad... The world we live, is a world of sorrow..." - The Sorrow, MGS3
...or something like that.

We'll miss you, man. Oh, while you're in Italy, come down in Sicily and maybe we can catch up! ^^
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by thespaceinvader »

Bye for now =) |
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Urs »

:shock: ... I always thought Turin would be the last person to leave Wesnoth, ever.

Well... Bye. Sorta:
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by anakayub »

I can understand your decision.

Balancing RL + University studies + Wesnoth is very difficult, as I myself can attest. Especially with my clinical studies for my medical undergraduate program, finding time to play is just too difficult.

You'll be missed.
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Mica »

But ... but... nooo....

I really did like having you around Turin, it was great. You were really cool to spend time with, and I liked teasing you especially. But since you'll end up leaving, playing Wesnoth and being on the Wesnoth forums will just not be the same...

When the time comes for you to leave Wesnoth completely, I will miss you very much. :cry:
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Re: Goodbye?

Post by Ken_Oh »

Cya dude.
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