Goodbye everyone!

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Goodbye everyone!

Post by La_vie_en_Wose »

Well. I'm an old 38 years old ent and I'm leaving. I was very happy to know the makers and the jokers of the Wesnoth environment. For me, it's been a winter of work to translate the campains from the usa orcish tongue to french speaking and so on but it's been a pleasure to know everyone here.
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This game means to me that one day, there will be good people on earth: Wesnothians.

Cheers and best regards.
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Re: Hello everyone!

Post by Iris »

I didn't know I was smart...

Farewell, friend. May the Source be with you in whatever new paths you choose (hopefully good ones).
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Sangel »

Thanks for all the hard work you've put in - and do come back whenever you're in the mood for some more Wesnoth!
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by tsr »

Bye, you will be missed.

I haven't seen your work (since I don't use french) but I will miss your forum-threads. You have always (my always) been a great thread-starter ;)

Au revoir elder wose!

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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Baufo »

So long.
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Zachron »

Eh, anyone with an Edith Piaf reference in their nick is okay in my book. I never knew you too well, but what I knew was just cool.
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Blarumyrran »

no more reports on the drunkenness of the french translation team :cry:
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Crushmaster »

Well, I don't really know you, but thanks for contributing to the great game of Wesnoth. :)
God bless,
Godspeed, random person!
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by turin »

Syntax_Error wrote:no more reports on the drunkenness of the french translation team :cry:
Oh well.... :(
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Peter the Great »

It's always sad when someone has to leave Wesnoth for better things. (I fear Kitty may have gone the same way.) :cry:
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by krotop »

Tes calembours me manqueront.
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Cuyo Quiz »

Dear gods i'm late to this thread. Dear bloke, i will surely miss ye.
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by A Guy »

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I'm just... a guy...
I'm back for now, I might get started on some work again.
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by DDR »

Don't you mean:
A Guy wrote:

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message= _ "Farewell!"
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Re: Goodbye everyone!

Post by Noyga »

Probably even the dwarves will miss you...
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