No mouse, no touchpad, just good old keyboard ...

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Herr Kloßen
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Re: No mouse, no touchpad, just good old keyboard ...

Post by Herr Kloßen »

Hi, so I've been lurking for a while, but this is my first post, please bear with me.

I think it would be a big advantage if Wesnoth were playable completely by keyboard. And an even bigger advantage if it were playable intuitively by keyboard (remember, KISS and the principle of least surprise).

And what would be the most obvious way? Well: Arrow keys move the mouse cursor, Enter = left mouse key, Esc = right mouse key.

OK, currently the arrow keys shift the map. Do many of you people actually use this right now? (As opposed to moving the map with the mouse) I would say: Move this to Shift+Arrow Key. You see? Shift+Arrow = Shift the map...

The hexagonal map is not much of a problem. Just have "left" go northwest and southwest alternately.

The great thing about Wesnoth is that you can just start playing without reading huge manuals -- your tactics won't be so great, but you'll get along. And this is the most obvious keyboard interface there is. People can just use it without thinking too much about "qweasd" or "uiojkl" and even without ever having used the VI editor.
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Re: No mouse, no touchpad, just good old keyboard ...

Post by mihoshi »

Advance Wars plays without mouse. As well as Advance Tacticts, Final Fantasy tactics, etc. And they have a ranged attacks even.

Basically, all what is needed to keyboardise most of Wesnoth gameplay - add six keys for moving selected unit (attack is just moving unit to enemy's hex)
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