Spoilers: how does Heir To The Throne end?

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Spoilers: how does Heir To The Throne end?

Post by The Great Rings »

Does Konrad kill Ashvier in the Heir To The Throne campaine? Of course she's completly evil, but I'd still find it creepy if he killed his own aunt(like how Star Wars would suck if Luke killed his father). :?
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Post by Dave »

Why not play it to the end and see for yourself?
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Re: Spoilers: how does Heir To The Throne end?

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The Great Rings wrote:Does Konrad kill Ashvier in the Heir To The Throne campaine? Of course she's completly evil, but I'd still find it creepy if he killed his own aunt(like how Star Wars would suck if Luke killed his father). :?
It turns out that Ashvier isn't really Ashvier at all, but an evil spirit that has taken her over. With her dying breath, she thanks Konrad from saving her from her life of evil.

It brought tears to my eyes.
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Post by Weeksy »

They combine together, to create' Kon-viere, the Witch-Prince, 2 leagues tall with feet like mountains, and proceed to flatten the entire continent and turn it into an ice-skating rink. Then, there is a choreographed ballet on the ice, and it wins 2nd prize at the county fair.
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Post by Clonkinator »

Dave wrote:Why not play it to the end and see for yourself?
Yeah, I can just second this. I know the end, but you won't really get a good answer here... :wink:
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Post by wsultzbach »

Satan, jealous of Ashvier, rose up from hell and killed her. Konrad then had to fight Satan to keep him from taking over the world. He eventually defeated Satan, and then he and Li'sar want off to a motel. :wink:

Seriously, though, nobody here is going to give you a straight answer.
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And so, Konrad and Li'sar faced Ashviere in Weldyn.

Konrad: It's hopeless. Even with the clans, we are vastly outnumbered.

Ashviere: Young Konrad, you cannot defeat me. Join me instead, and I shall grant you Elsenfar to rule.

Konrad: Never! I will never turn against my friends!

Ashviere: Ah, but did Delfador ever say what happened to your father?

Konrad: He told me enough! He told me you killed him!

Ashviere: No, Konrad ... I am your father!

Konrad: NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! ... Hang on, that doesn't sound right.

Ashviere: Hang on, just give me a moment, where did I leave my script.

Delfador: And, Konrad, before this scenario started I explained your father isn't actually your father after all.

Kalenz: Oh, bugger, I think I ordered the wrong scripts.

Li'sar: So much for the wise elves.

Kalenz: Sorry.

Delfador: Let's start this scenario again, shall we?
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Post by Blarumyrran »

i like this thread. i hope it doesnt get locked.

Anyway, what really happened is, Konrad ventures to the ancient sunken city of W'eldyn of aghasting non-euclidean design, where his foolish mate Kalenz accidentally awakens the ancient ten-story-long being Ashivierulhu from her sleep as the stars are right, and Ashiviere kills all of Konrad's friends and army, leaving Konrad alone alive, but suffering from incurable madness, to tell the story! IÄ! IÄ! ASHIVIERULHU FHTAGN!
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Post by Velensk »

Anyone who has studied history can tell you that royals killing relatives is completly normal.
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Post by gotrek860 »

Konrad faces Asheviere finally after a three month battle in a northern desert.

Asheviere: Look here me boy, you have the girl, you have the army, why do you carry around that old fool?

Konrad: Delfador? I don't know, I think he's losing his marbles as well...Alzheimer I guess...He makes a good carrot soup mind you.

Ashevier: I make a better Apple pie.

Konrad: Really? Well come in my arms my aunty dear!
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Post by Aethaeryn »

Stop lying, guys. Let's be honest:

Konrad is wounded in a duel and all of your units are autorecalled. Your leaderless soldiers, however, are swarmed by superior forces of the evil queen and, just as the ordinary soldiers are dead and the loyal ones are dying, it ends in... "TO BE CONTINUED"

This unlocks a new campaign which sums up the storyline in another 20 scenarios.
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Post by Jetrel »

Anime Cliché Ending #25:
... blah, blah, blah, there's a nuclear explosion for some reason, and somehow everything turns out right. Preferably this happens because of some badass character detonating themselves with nothing but the rage inside them.

Anime Cliché Ending #29, aka the Hayao Miyazaki Special™:
... for some inexplicable reason, everything turns into goo. Li'sar and Konrad cling together as the world dissolves around them. Also, for some equally contrived reason, Li'sar is forced to cut her hair short.

Anime Cliché Ending #47, aka the Fist of the North Star:
... where we see an epic but tragic battle involving Konrad, who looks suspiciously like Sylvester Stallone. And then a pretty, pink-haired girl grows a flower, so everything will be okay.

At this point, I'm going to stop listing clichés before my act of listing clichés becomes clichéd itself. That would be ironic.
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Post by JW »

This is just a ridculous and pointless request....

I think I'll go onto the FF forums and ask them for the ending to FF11.....oh wait, if I cared enough I'd actually play it.

To sum it up, either beat it yourself, read the final scenario.cfg, or talk to Clonkinator for his offers.
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