If you could be reborn into an in-game race...

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If you could be reborn into an in-game race...

Post by Espreon »

Which one would it be and why? And give a real reason, meaning no giving only "because they are cool."

Also what would you do in your reincarnated life?

I would like to be reborn into the Drakes, I always wanted to have wings.
Specifically a Hurrican Drake...

All I would do is fly around random places giving random bad people 3rd degree burns...
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Post by The Hidden Hippogriff »

Dwarfs I would so be a griffin rider and land at airports and on peoples houses for the hell of it.
I always wanted to fly but I never wanted wings they would be such a hassle.
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Post by turin »

Dwarves, so that I could by slain by hordes of orcs in an underground cavern lit by flames holding aloft a scepter and screaming something along the lines of "you'll never take me alive", only slightly more epic. I would use "day shall come again", but 1) I would be underground and 2) that line's already taken (c.f. Hurin father of Turin). :P

Yes, that was the original image that inspired the campaign Sceptre of Fire.

Of course, that's assuming we're limited to the default races. If not, I would definitely go with one of the Imperial Era races... at the moment, I'm thinking Sidhe, but that's probably because I most recently played the Sidhe campaign - once I re-play Alfhelm, I'll probably switch to Marauders.
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Post by Zhukov »


A human obviously. Less chance of ending up as one of those endless generic scenario-filler enemies.

Hmm... then again, orc has it's attractions. Perhaps generic villianism would be a fair price for the opportunity to cut Turin down halfway through his dramatic last words.

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Post by JW »

I'd be a Therian. I'd be human, but could shift into an animal. Hella sweet. :wink:
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Post by mameluke »

I would be an elf.
I would life in harmony with the secrets of nature and do nothing else then run trough the forests and make moon-partys (and sun, and weather and so on :D ).
When some humans go trough our forest I would bring them some miracles :P
I don't see any problems with an elf-woman hitting somebody with a mace...
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Post by gotrek860 »

A dwarf because all my friends say have the grumpiness of one.
Plus what's the point of running up trees when you can have a axe to bring down the damn tree? and has pointy ears ever been a fashion statement? Beards all the way!
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Post by Sombra »

JW wrote:I'd be a Therian. I'd be human, but could shift into an animal. Hella sweet. :wink:
sounds kind of attractive

I would consider being a sidhe too....
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Post by Darth Jordius »

Well, I'd love to be a dwarf, but I'm not at all short. I'm probably most like a troll, except nowhere near as stupid. Still, I'd pick a dwarf.
Quiz wrote:You are a Dwarvish Fighter. You're surly and handy with an axe. Go chop some trees.
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Post by Quietus »

Hmm probably an undead Draug. They just look soo beefy lol, plus i would be undead, therefore no more pain :D
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Post by Vendanna »

I would choose troll so I can go flaming people on forums... tought then I could get myself banned so better no.

Then I'll end with human, because only the humans can go to paladin or mage of light and mage of light its one of my all times favourite.

I miss a lot of nice things, but after knowing what amount of big monsters dweels on the deepseas on our world I'm very sure I don't want to be a merman or a naga and get devoured by giant squids/whales :?
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Post by cretin »

a mermen. im scared of sharks, so this would be a good way to hunt them ^^. plus i like the idea of breathing underwater.
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Post by Clonkinator »

I'd want to be an elf. I always liked elves. I also like forests a lot, and the fact that elves can become several hundred years old is really nice. :)
Also, I always wanted to use a bow (and be it for hunting only). I don't really know why, but imo bows are really cool.
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Post by Eternal »

I'd be an ogre. Living freely in the mountainside. Real killer in the battlefield. I'd be dumb as hell, but that won't matter much. A simple mind is happy cuz it doesn't know what it's missing.

Eventually I'd be recruited into the loyalist army and would compete with those siege troopers in weight lifting and number of orcs killed. :wink:
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Post by joshudson »

I think I'd end up choosing elf so I would not age or die of old age.

If that works differently in this world I would choose dwarf for rather less interesting reasons.
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