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Wesnoth addons

Post by player1 »

I think my situation is unique is the fact that I have two homes with two different network configurations. I go to boarding school and at boarding school the network has a proxy server and firewall so I cant play Wesnoth, but the connection is fast. At home I have dial-up and downloading addons is a pain in the ass. What I am asking for is a way for people to access the addons on the campaign server from wesnoth.org(via a browser) as another option to downloading it in game.

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Post by Iris »

What I answered in the thread below might help you:

:arrow: http://www.wesnoth.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=14846

This should be in the FAQ section.
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Wesnoth Add-Ons easy download

Post by darkwraith007 »

Like many people, while I am really sick of waiting on large files downloaded via the in-game interface, I do love the web interface because it mitigates that problem altogether. However there's no option currently for those who just wanna download everything in one go. So here are some links for downloading everything in the handy .7z format. If you don't like to install anything, there's also a portableversion that self-extracts to a folder on the desktop (by default) and runs self-contained without messing with the registry or anything.

All downloads are for Wesnoth version 1.2.1, archives are in .7z format:

*link removed*
File size is ~ 47 MB, depending on the file system.

EDIT: Link removed until I redo it, as there was no interest and it was auto-deleted after 7 days of inactivity. Perhaps if people post here of their interest in such a thing, then I could do it again faster.
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out dated

Post by witek »

Sorry, this file is no longer available. It may have been deleted by the uploader, or has expired.

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Post by Omid »

Then what we do :evil:

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what we do? O_o

Post by darkwraith007 »

You know what you do?

Read the descriptions and download the campaigns, then PLAY THEM and see which ones you like, either that or find me a file-hosting service that won't auto-delete for inactivity, or if someone could donate some space on an FTP server....whatever.

I'll gladly re-upload it but since the last time it had no interest from people, I'm hesitant to waste my time doing it again without more interest and some suggestions.

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