Goodbye, citizens of the Wesnoth forum

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Goodbye, citizens of the Wesnoth forum

Post by scott »

Like others have in the past, I am starting a new phase in my life that will make it impossible for me to continue contributing and visiting the forum on a regular basis. This is the last day of my graduate program at my school, and now my employer wants to get me back to work. I enjoyed having an online place to visit each day with interesting people to talk to. Even more than that I enjoyed the opportunity to work on this game. Everyone here knows that BFW has grown into something far bigger than it was when it started, and I know that it will continue to attract professional-quality contributions. This was really a unique experience for me. I never thought in my life that I would be on the design team for a computer game. I first downloaded version in late 2003, and I got my ass kicked. I eventually deleted it. I downloaded it again in January 2004, first visited the forum in Feb, and lurked until May, when I finally registered. The ability to help create a world is such an empowering endeavor, and I guess my example means that if you hang around long enough someone will ask you to lend a hand and get to work. You people are a hoot to get into esoteric discussions with. The first time we got into an abortion flamewar I was a little worried, but since then there have been lots of religious and political discussions with little actual blood shed. It's has been lots of fun. Like others who have announced their departure, I find it unlikely that I will stay away altogether, but my next situation is a perfect storm of dial-up home internet, regular travel, and isolation from the commercial internet at work that make it impossible to remain in my present situation. Thank you all, very much.
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Carry on!
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Star Gazer
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Post by Star Gazer »

Hi Scott, and goodbye...

Id like to thank you for all you've done, particularly as I am a Mac user, and you have often provided greatly needed work on the Mac binary releases, amongst other things.

All the very best in your employment, and your life as a whole.

Warmest regards,
Star Gazer
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Post by JW »

I knew this was coming. :(

Well, good luck in your career mate. Maybe you can afford highspeed in a few months. 8)
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Post by La_vie_en_Wose »

Au revoir Scott

Thanks for the time you gave us. I did not understand what your next job is, but beware of your employer anyway ( a man who asks you to forget everything but work isn't human ). :wink:
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Doc Paterson
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Post by Doc Paterson »


It's been a pleasure. Best of luck, Scott.

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Post by Agent Jack Bauer »

King Albrecht wrote:
Doc Paterson wrote::cry:

It's been a pleasure. Best of luck, Scott.

You will now be given a 200 gun salute from the Royal Patersonian Army.
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Croc Paterson
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Post by Croc Paterson »

Agent Jack Bauer wrote:
King Albrecht wrote: :cry:
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Tony Almeida
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Post by Tony Almeida »

Croc Paterson wrote:
Agent Jack Bauer wrote: :cry:
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Big Papi
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Post by Big Papi »

Tony Almeida wrote:
Croc Paterson wrote: :cry:
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Post by Maeglin Dubh »

You will be missed, scott.

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Post by Wretched Luke »

Big Papi wrote:
Tony Almeida wrote: :cry:
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Post by Noyga »

Well those things sometime happen, you were a so great contributor.
Goodbye and good luck for your new present life !
And perhaps see you from time to time.
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Post by Tux2B »

It seems like one of the major contributors to this game is taken away from the Wesnoth Community by Real Life. I certainly hope you will succeed in that Real Life as well as when you were frequently visiting the Wesnothian world, but that should make no doubt.
Having been the one to forget about the fact that you have to write "its" "its" and not "it's", I have to swear on the Book of Crelanu that I shall not forget it.

Good luck and, I hope, see you back soon in Wesnoth!
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Post by Jester »

Good luck with your next phase :)

You will not be forgotten!

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Ranger M
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Post by Ranger M »

Goodbye Scott, it will never be the same without you. Be sure to visit every now and then.

Personally, I hope that when I grow up (if I ever do) then I'll have a job that is flexible enough that i can continue to contribute to Wesnoth (and the other open source games that I help with), if only we all had that luxury.

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