Made my own beginner-friendly, multi-player, co-op scenario

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Made my own beginner-friendly, multi-player, co-op scenario

Post by SorimBela »

My partner and I have recently turned to Wesnoth as a way to casually play games together on lower end computers. It's proven a nice way to pass the time and we eventually went through most of the multi-player co-op scenarios.

So I read the excellent Wesnoth documentation and learned how to make a simple co-op scenario to give us something new to try. I called this first stab at making a multi-player map "Two Teams Three Keeps". It's a 2 versus 2 scenario.

By design this scenario is asymmetrical. One team of two players shares a castle in the North, has more money, and is further away from villages. The other team, in the South, is split into two distant castles, has fewer funds, but easier access to nearby villages.

We've played the scenario through a few times, from both sides, and felt it was fun and balanced enough to share with the world. I uploaded it last night and Two Teams Three Keeps is now available as an add-on.

This map probably isn't a challenge to serious players, it's meant to be beginner friendly and suitable for casual gamers who want to try out co-op games with friends/family against the AI.
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Re: Made my own beginner-friendly, multi-player, co-op scenario

Post by Lord-Knightmare »

I think this belongs in Multiplayer Development with the "Two Teams Three Keeps" as the title. Not in User's Forums.
Also, will there be any chance of a 1.16.x release of this any time soon?
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Re: Made my own beginner-friendly, multi-player, co-op scenario

Post by Pentarctagon »

Moved to Multiplayer Development.
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