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Game speed

Post by TheWhiteKnight »

Hey guys,

For quite some time one thing bugs me and I would like to discuss it with the community.. I am trying to hook up new players into the game, however the feedback I have from the initial impression is rather negative in one direction - game speed. As you may know, on a new install, the game`s default speed is very slow. /Yes, I know it can be changed, playing Wesnoth since 2003/ That setting creates bad "1st look" on this beautiful game and often sets wrong sense of the overall experience the game can give.. And that, obviously, withdraws players.. I would like to propose to set the initial default speed after install to something faster, what do you think on that? Apologies if the issue was already addressed and/or resolved and I am not aware /havent had new install for some time/. 8)

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Re: Game speed

Post by octalot »

Sounds a good idea. I'll leave it to someone else to decide on the defaults, but have opened a pull request (#5858) to mention it in both the tips and the tutorial.
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Re: Game speed

Post by Iris »

To be honest I've seriously considered turning on Accelerated Speed and setting it to 1.7x by default.
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Re: Game speed

Post by Heindal »

Can't you increase game speed during an enemy turn by pressing the shift key (fast forward)? However it isn't mentioned in the shortcuts, but ctrl+a should work, too.
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Re: Game speed

Post by shevegen »

Personally I always play with max speed and try to skip a lot. I do not remember how it was like 20 years ago though.

Since I pick fast speed I sort of agree with the premise by the threadstarter. Perhaps for newcomers in the main
campaigns there could be some hint pop up to indicate speed, and the default become faster (I don't even recall
how fast it is ... don't have newcomers to test it and give feedback, so you are probably in a better position
to judge this). And/or perhaps a poll, but other than that I agree with the premise.

> Can't you increase game speed during an enemy turn by pressing the shift key

I do this! But I think if you look at it from newcomers they may be overwhelmed with tons of things. Too much
details for them to understand from the get go, even if it is a game that isn't that difficult such as wesnoth.

They may also be impatient or frustrated easily. I am not saying to handhold the modern emo-hipster-snowflakes,
but usability concerns are IMO absolutely fine to base on an objective criterium, e. g. as pointed out by the
TheWhiteKnight. I have no data to know how prevalent this is indeed for newcomers, but I tend to agree with
the comment given my own preferences. Then again I am super-impatient and forget things so quickly - that
is definitely not a young 18 years old playing the game for the first time. I am finally entering old man territory
here. My only growing concern is font size ... the fonts seem so small, smaller and smaller as you get older! ;)
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