01 - The Uprooting

Feedback for the mainline single-player campaign Legend of Wesmere.

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01 - The Uprooting

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Please report bugs for the singleplayer version of "The Uprooting" here.
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Re: V1.9/1.10 SP - Scenario Bug Report: LoW 1 - The Uprootin

Post by sw_emigre »

I'm running 1.9.2 on Windows XP, and while I can't seem to find this info anywhere, I can't believe that no one has reported these bugs yet, so I'm posting here just in case. Thanks for the good work!

1. Through first 3 LoW scenarios on 1.9.2 you can only recruit archers and fighters.
2. In scenario 3 it doesn't end when you kill the assassin, though the dialogue is correct.


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Re: V1.9/1.10 SP - Scenario Bug Report: LoW 1 - The Uprootin

Post by monochromatic »

sw_emigre wrote:1. Through first 3 LoW scenarios on 1.9.2 you can only recruit archers and fighters.
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Re: V1.9/1.10 SP - Scenario Bug Report: LoW 1 - The Uprootin

Post by Cybuch »

On the version 1.9.5 in the scenario (I am not sure, if I translated it correctly from Polish) - pricefull revenge (hard) (in my oppinion a bit too hard scenario), where Landar want to destroy lizards camps with all their houses I am in final (25 turn), and I am taking last house, and killing last leader. After that notthing happened. When I am clicking EOT - I've lost. Is it a bug, or something is wrong ? Btw : I am sure, that I've burried all houses, and all leaders are daed.

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Re: V1.9/1.10 SP - Scenario Bug Report: LoW 1 - The Uprootin

Post by Maiklas3000 »

Cybuch wrote:On the version 1.9.5 in the scenario (I am not sure, if I translated it correctly from Polish) - pricefull revenge (hard) (in my oppinion a bit too hard scenario), where Landar want to destroy lizards camps with all their houses I am in final (25 turn), and I am taking last house, and killing last leader. After that notthing happened.
1. In Costly Revenge, every enemy unit must be killed, not just every leader.
2. There is a village in the northwest swamp that is very hard to see.
3. Did you mean 1.8.5 or 1.9.3?
4. This is not the feedback thread for Costly Revenge, and even better would be to post in the Technical Support forum as a possible bug and include a saved game from turn 25 and OS and note exact wesnoth version+language. However, I think you missed an enemy unit or village, so no need to do that.

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by letsdance »

i don't know where to post general feedback to this campaign. there are only scenario specific threads, so i'm posting it there.

i played a few different campaigns (4-5) and this one was my favorite, because the scenarios offer very different challenges. i also like to start with my loyal units (altough i had lost all but one of them after half of the campaign).

however, there is also one very serious problem, and that is a high variance of the difficulty level. i prefer to play without saving/loading. i played on medium, and on average it probably was medium. but most scenarios felt very easy to me while some others seemed impossible (those i did complete by playing with saving/loading). i did post in the scenario feedback threads of those, and others seem to feel the same.

very disappointing was the final scenario where you kill landar. it was very easy and he didn't have a glimpse of any change (i started with 650 gold and just overwhelmed his army). i prefer very much to have a hard final (i think the rise of wesnoth had a very satisfying, hard last scenario). this final is probably not well suited to be very hard, whithout changing the story (how about Landar allies with undead?) but it could at least be some challenge.

another small issue is, that i still don't exactly know what was actually going on, unit-wise. did i have to fight my own previous reinforcements in one of the scenarios? it would be nice to know such things somehow. so i know when to let them die the next time :D there could be some hint that it would be good to read a campaign guide, so i could know a bit how to plan ahead. it didn't seem necessary for any of the other campaigns that i've played.

so far, this is the only campaign where i posted feedback, because i feel that it's really good, but loses so much because of the difficulty issue. i am going to edit some scenarios and then play it again =) i think on medium, most scenarios should be a bit harder, and the few very hard ones should be easier. but i guess since i'm lazy i will only make the hard ones easier :whistle:

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by Maiklas3000 »

(1) Level and version? Hard, 1.11.15.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Fine.
(5) Challenges? The enemy is overwhelming, and your troops have almost nowhere to heal.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 6, more tactical than strategic, I think. It's a nearly impossible scenario made easy by stupid AI.
(7) Changes? I liked this scenario better long ago. I think maybe you've added a lot more L2 Wolf Riders? You could remove most of the Wolf Riders to give the player more flexibility.
(8) Restarts? I tried going east, and I heavily wounded the enemy leader, but lost. Next play I tried going southwest, but most of my units got critically wounded. I tried using them like Walking Corpses, but it was all over. Third time I went east again and heavily wounded the leader again. The wounded leader promptly jumped in the water, apparently in too much pain to continue to live. I was able to spend the turn collecting XP with all my units and then I killed the enemy leader with a 99.8% shot from a Ranger. That was turn 7.
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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by lastjuan »

(1) Level and version? Medium, 1.11.15.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? Fine.
(5) Challenges? In Medium, is more mental that real provided that you finish in less that 8-10 turns.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8. It's a very good start for this campaign.
(7) Changes? None really
(8) Restarts? A couple, mostly about select the enemy leader (I was trying to get the south one).

General comment: I love the atmosphere here.
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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by Inky »

Original post (version 1.10.4)
(1) Level and version? Hard, 1.12.4, 180 starting gold
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 7
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog?
I see Velon's troops no longer join you when he is attacked. But then this line of dialogue -"Kalenz was right and I was wrong. Go; join Kalenz while yet you can. I and the remaining elders will cover your retreat as best we may." - is a bit out of place now.
(5) Challenges? Assassins poisoning everything!
(6) Fun? (1-10) 8, I liked the setting. The orcish assassins were a bit annoying though, if the southern orc decides to recruit them in numbers.
(7) Changes?
-Maybe limit the amount of assassins of the southern leader - more assassins make it much more difficult as you have no healers.
-And maybe change the hex north or Velon to castle? He is in danger of dying starting around turn 6, and there's not much you can do about it.
In the previous campaign version you could control him and easily move him out of harm's way, so I think it should be made easier here to keep him alive.
(8) Restarts?
2 (from scenario start) Attempt #1- southern orc recruited almost all assassins and they poisoned everyone while I missed them like crazy. Attempt #2- I experimented with going for a different leader. Did not work at all - all the high level wolves in the north mean that south is the way to go.

Finished turn 7/14
v. 1.12.4
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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by Linthar »

(1) Level and version? Hard, 1.12.0

(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8.

(3) Objectives? Clear.

(4) Dialog? While the overall plot makes sense, the part with Velon felt a little off. Why did Velon recruit a full keeps worth of troops when he was intending to surrender.? Speaking of which it also feels a little strange for the orcs to ask the elves to surrender if they weren't planning on accepting a surrender in the first place. I can understand them not wanting to take any prisoners, but they could have done something like disarm the elves before they said they were planning on killing them. As it stands they asked the elves to surrender when they clearly had no idea of what to do if they actually said yes.

(5) Challenges? This level is a tight race against time. Not against the 14 turn limit, but a race to kill one of the leaders before the vastly superior enemy armies overwhelm you. There are two main leaders you could target to the east or the south. It took me three tries to beat this scenario, and I found that both leaders posed their own significant challenge. The leader to the east recruited level 2 units that are hard to take down and the wolf riders from the northeast leader join the fight as well, while the leader to the south recruited a lot of level 1's I could fight on a level playing field, but they took too long to break through, and he recruited many many assassins, and there were nowhere near enough houses to counter the poison with. I finally won by recruiting only elven archers and surrounding the eastern orc's leaders keep, focusing on opening paths to get my archers adjacent to the leader, and fighting a holding action against the north east orcs wolf rider's and when I won, my forces were at most only a turn or two away from being utterly decimated.

(6) Fun? (1-10) 6. It's an interesting challenge, but too much time is spent watching all the leaders move troops around the map and fight Velon's forces, which had absolutely no impact on the battle I was actually fighting.

(7) Changes? Other then perhaps tightening the dialog to address the problems I had, nothing comes to mind.

(8) Restarts? 2. First I tried going east, and I was too slow, then I tried going south and I was both too slow and got decimated by poison.

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Re: V1.13.1 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by Konrad2 »

this is not for 1.9/1.10 anymore but for 1.13
Its not possible to play on after the frist scenario (whatever i try to get to the next scenario(winning or debug command :cl)) the game just closes.

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by Caladbolg »

There's no thread for 1.12. version so I guess I'll put this here...
(1) Level and version? 1.12.5 medium

(2) Difficult? (1-10) 2. Considering how close the eastern enemy is, it is extremely easy to overwhelm him before other enemies can come to help him.

(3) Objectives? Clear.

(4) Dialog? A few issues:
Velon: "Hold, Kalenz. The Ka’lian council should discuss our response. Maybe we can reach an agreement with them!" - they are surrounded by orcs and this old and (presumably) experienced captain thinks that the appropriate course of action is to wait for a council halfway across the continent to make a decision :doh:
The point about surrendering mentioned by Linthar two posts above mine still holds.

(5) Challenges? None.

(6) Fun? (1-10) 3. Nothing special but I didn't have enough time to judge it so I'm not sure.

(7) Changes? Maybe make the map slightly wider so the eastern enemy isn't as close. Or remove the forest around his camp (as is, you can use your loyal and leader units to reach the castle on the 2nd turn and attack without serious threat of losing them).

(8) Restarts? Nope.

Strategy: move almost everyone east, converge on the 1st enemy unit, kill it and capture his castle tile. Attack the leader until he dies. Landar gets the kill on the 4th turn. Tried it 2 more times, you can easily kill the eastern leader in <=5 turns. Other armies don't even get enough time to play a relevant factor in the battle (both on east and west fronts).
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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by devavrata »

The first post on this thread doesn't pose the typical questions, only says:
Please report bugs for the 1.9/1.10 singleplayer version of "The Uprooting" here.

As the following thread (scenario 2) gets the questionnaire back, i'll take it as a momentarily lapse, and provide the answers to the usual questions anyway.
(1) Level and version?
Battle for Wesnoth 1.8.3, Easy/Medium, Battle for Wesnoth 1.10.7 Hard.
(2) Difficult? (1-10)
(3) Objectives?
(4) Dialog?
The dialogue is good, and so is the way some elves fail to acknowledge the ugly truth of a massive attack on the way. However, there's something that bothers me. The english dialogue speaks many times of the "elders", which is to be taken in a relative way as "the people born before us". However, the translation to galician language uses the term "anciáns", reserved to people belonging to the third-age. Wrong, galician translator: Elves are immortal, they don't age or get weaker with the passage of time, they just get wiser and never get to the third age. There are, of course, elves older than others, but never an old elf Also, being in this context, the way Velon is pictured started looking "old" to me.
(5) Challenges?
Not many. Having to kill just one orcish leader gives the player the main advantage, which is getting to choose the easier one. I think it is the south orc, because the other orcs won't arrive on time to help him.
(6) Fun? (1-10)
(7) Changes?
None I can think of.
(8) Restarts?

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by troomar »

(1) Level and version? High Lord (Challenging), no reloads. Version 1.13.6.
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 5.
(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? I don't mind the dialogues.
(5) Challenges? Not really, just go and kill the closest leader.
(6) Fun? (1-10) 3
(7) Changes? -
(8) Restarts? No.

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Re: V1.9/1.10 - 01 - The Uprooting

Post by vanatteveldt »

(1) Level and version? Easy, 1.12.6
(2) Difficult? (1-10) 8.

Edit: For me, the difficulty feels to high for an opening scenario at easy level. I'd expect easy to mean that I can make a couple of mistakes / suboptimal plays and should still win [actually, in most games that would be called "medium", I suppose]

(3) Objectives? Clear.
(4) Dialog? I don't mind the dialogues.
(5) Challenges?

The assassins. I went after the SW leader, thinking to avoid most combat with the other leaders. He recruited almost a castle full of assassins (6 assassins and an archer), which is quite annoying since I have no healer and there are very few villages. Since the assassins are quite fast (compared to grunts) and very difficult to hit in the forest, my strategy was to make them attack me over the river at daybreak, positioning archers on the banks (for better counterattack) and then rotating in the warriors.

This worked quite well, but the forces of the E leader were closing in fast, giving only very few opportunities to cure, let alone heal. So I had to press more quickly than I wanted and sacrifice a couple of archers to slow down the advance. It would have been fine had the opponent not been able to recruit two more grunts on the round before last.

In the end, I had to rely on two lucky combats to kill the SW leader on the last round. If I had waited I would have been surrounded by the two forces and died, hence the gambit to just surround and attack the SW leader to end the scenario.

End result is OK, I have a relatively quick finish (turn 8) and all my loyals are still alive, but not a lot of great XP due to losing the troops that saw most of the fighting. No one is at or close to advancing.

Maybe I should have not waited at the river, but trying to kill assassins with a chance to hit of 30% while all my troops are poisoned with little chance to heal doesn't sound appealing (and didn't work the first time around). Curious to see other people's replays.

(6) Fun? (1-10) 5. Would be a lot more fun with fewer assassins.
(7) Changes? For first level on easy, maybe restrict the assassins and/or enemy gold in general. Putting the river one or two tiles S would also help quite a lot by buying more distance from the other leaders.
(8) Restarts? I think this was my fourth attempt or so, after trying a push E and one or two attempts where I advanced S too quickly and lost all the loyal troops, which felt needless.

My replay is attached, all feedback welcome!

(Edit: just had a look at Inky's replay. I see that I made at least one mistake (should have recruited in the second round as well), and maybe I should have just pressed south immediately and kill the assassins in the forest anyway. However, compared to his replay I think I was quite a lot less lucky: He only had to deal with 4 assassins, and 2 or 3 of the S troops attacked the ally instead of attacking me. Oh well)
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