Haven't played in a while, don't trust sourceforge anymore

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Haven't played in a while, don't trust sourceforge anymore

Post by DionyKH » September 22nd, 2015, 1:47 am

Does anyone have a link to download this game from a different source? I no longer trust sourceforge as a source for downloads, due to a series of reports that they are injecting adware into the software they host.

This game is going around on reddit, and this is the primary concern I have with suggesting the game to new players.

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Re: Haven't played in a while, don't trust sourceforge anymo

Post by Iris » September 22nd, 2015, 2:11 am

If you intent to download the Windows-based installer, you can get it from SF.net and compare the file MD5 or SHA256 digests after downloading (as well as notify us). The same applies to the source code packages.

MD5 sums:

Code: Select all

424a18742b5a8f37f0be1c51fc28fa0f  wesnoth-1.12.4-win32.exe
6f19247b0fc3886608934129670d9b91  wesnoth-1.13.1-win32.exe
SHA256 sums:

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bf525060da4201f1e62f861ed021f13175766e074a8a490b995052453df51ea7  wesnoth-1.12.4.tar.bz2
9afdc0b2a1065e3bbd63ad1812fce266ba89fc68894ee16be6eaa2e60d59a730  wesnoth-1.12.4-win32.exe
4423645f58eae3a22cdb94736a20181fbb3c2de3de36e20a70084b15b20337f2  wesnoth-1.13.1.tar.bz2
dce6b31d13487e2e9b6c0ca3b6bd490a5edf995056818062e3550ecb700008d0  wesnoth-1.13.1-win32.exe
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