Scenario 4: Return to the Village

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Re: Scenario 4: Return to the Village

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Remellion wrote: December 28th, 2015, 2:05 pm 1. Played on Grand Knight (Challenging), 1.15.14. (Also numerous times before on 1.5, 1.6 and 1.8 and 1.12.)

2. A difficulty of 3 maybe. Of course this is biased - I had 8 level 2s, 2 level 3s units and the knowledge of where to go and what to do. For those new to this campaign or to Wesnoth, the fog and mysterious objective (what village?) would be the difficulties I imagine. Certainly not the impoverished orc (200 gold). Is it just me or does the orc recruit more gobbos now? Those are annoying and more numerous.

3. Objectives are not clear. Once the orc leader is found, killing him is obvious. But the initial one ("Find out what is happening in the village") is vague. The village in front of the starting keep? Or "just across those hills" (Arvith's initial dialogue) which to me suggests the orcs' encampment rather than the loyalists. Maybe mention somewhere in the dialogue that the village is further north, or indicate it to the player through the fog.

4. Dialogue is not much, but sufficient to indicate the story. The initial dialogue and objective can be confusing (village? Men coming forward?) but the story is clear. Also the overall plot in the campaign is written pretty well stylistically, just that some parts seem weaker (motives of the elves, relationship between undead and orcs.)

5. Challenges: My play was quite silly. I almost let Arvith die getting surprised out of the fog on turn 3, and could maybe have lost fewer units by being careful. It sufficed anyway. If the orcs had more gold/income, or concentrated all their units on me, it may have been harder.

6. Funnishness is 6 for me. An actually slightly dangerous enemy and fog of war to make it harder, even if it is still ultimately a short scenario.

7. Improvements for me would concern clarifying the objective, and making it more likely to talk to Reeve before the scenario ends. Send a messenger from Reeve (Bowman? Calvalryman?) down to the player at the start, or in the first few turns. As it is, it's possible for the player to go over the hills and slay the orc without ever seeing the village with Reeve dying quietly behind the fog.
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