How to set Video refresh rate at gamestartup

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How to set Video refresh rate at gamestartup

Post by Henry »

Hello all,

the game didn't start proper, because it set the video mode to a video mode not supported by my montior. I use an LCD at 60Hz and I don't know, how to tell this to the game at startup.

Battle for Wesnoth v1.1-svn
Started on Fri Dec 23 22:11:34 2005

started game: 0
Checking video mode: 1024x768x32...
setting mode to 1024x768x32
no valid cache found. Writing cache to 'C:/Programme/Wesnoth/userdata/cache/game.cfg-cache-v1.1-svn-MEDIUM-NORMAL'
locale could not be determined; defaulting to system locale
WARNING: setlocale() failed for .
started music
showing title screen...
Loading tips of day

stdout.txt is empty
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Post by ott »

You could try using different bits per pixel, using a different resolution, or windowed mode. See for the manual page that details all the options.

Your video driver really should not advertise that it supports modes that your display can't handle -- if you have an old display you might be able to configure the driver accordingly.
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