How to modify sides in ended scenario

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How to modify sides in ended scenario

Post by hamuel »

I just had a 2v2 scenario that ended. The game ended with both red teams still surviving. I saved the game and want to turn the two players against each other at that state. Is it possible?
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Re: How to modify sides in ended scenario

Post by Shiki »

I saved the game and …
You can edit the savefile. It's compressed with Gzip, you can uncompress it (7-Zip is one of the tools which can do that), and then edit the file. It's a normal text file.

Hard part is to find the right place, it's totally normal if the file has 150.000 lines.
The spot which needs to be changed is the first occurrence of team_name= in that file — or the third if you want to change the team of the third side. user_team_name= can be changed too, it has no effect on teams but is the user-visible name for it, displayed in Alt+S dialogue.

The remaining part of the file with >100 occurrences is the replay, which saved team names in earlier turns etc …
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