Saving password doesn't work

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Saving password doesn't work

Post by igorbat99 »

I have 2 accounts igorbat99 and igorbat99_2 with different passwords.
After i logged in with (2) account, i've lost an ability to log in on server without 'login form' with both accounts.
Wesnoth version in attach.

copy-pasted part.

The Battle for Wesnoth version 1.14.12
Running on Apple macOS 10.15.4 (19E287)
Distribution channel: SourceForge

Game paths

Data dir: /Applications/
User config dir: /Users/USER/Library/Containers/org.wesnoth.Wesnoth/Data/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth_1.14
User data dir: /Users/USER/Library/Containers/org.wesnoth.Wesnoth/Data/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth_1.14
Saves dir: /Users/USER/Library/Containers/org.wesnoth.Wesnoth/Data/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth_1.14/saves
Add-ons dir: /Users/USER/Library/Containers/org.wesnoth.Wesnoth/Data/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth_1.14/data/add-ons
Cache dir: /Users/USER/Library/Containers/org.wesnoth.Wesnoth/Data/Library/Application Support/Wesnoth_1.14/cache


Boost: 1.71
Cairo: 1.16.0 (runtime 1.16.0)
Pango: 1.40.1 (runtime 1.40.1)
SDL: 2.0.10 (runtime 2.0.10)
SDL_image: 2.0.5 (runtime 2.0.5)
SDL_mixer: 2.0.4 (runtime 2.0.4)
SDL_ttf: 2.0.15 (runtime 2.0.15)


JPEG screenshots: yes
Lua console completion: yes
Legacy bidirectional rendering: no
Cocoa notifications back end: yes
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