Help Please with Local Server crash

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Help Please with Local Server crash

Post by laanan »

Hi folks,

Trying to get a local server up and running, but I keep getting this error: error server: Caught network error while server was running. Aborting.: Could not bind to port

I am running Wesnoth on Debian. Any idea as to the source of the error, or how to get more information on the crash report, would be great. Thanks!
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Re: Help Please with Local Server crash

Post by Soliton »

Something is already using the port. Perhaps you have the debian package installed and a server is already running? Otherwise there are multiple tools that can tell you if something is already listening on a port, like netstat, ss or lsof. The default port for wesnothd is 15000. You can also tell wesnothd to use a different port with the -p option.
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