Problem res Toshiba netbook screen

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Problem res Toshiba netbook screen

Post by kratos97 »

I searched the boards and tried all the suggestions from other topics with the same issue and nothings worked :(. I start the game and it is windowed but the bottoms all cut off. Maximizing the window does nothing, it helps slightly but cant see past the "languages" option in the main menu. Tried the --smallgui in the target field of the properties. my netbook is a Toshiba NB205 if that helps, I just wanna be able to see the entire screen! lol thanks in advance

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Re: Problem res Toshiba netbook screen

Post by Wayirr »

You did not tell us more important information.
What operating system and window manager you are using to run Wesnoth?
Have you tried changing resolution in game options?
What is the console output of Wesnoth when you run it from command line window (rather than GUI shortcut)?
What is the screen resolution? Sure, it can be looked up by your netbook model, but you might have your screen replaced or something so it's better if you just directly tell us what is your screen resolution.

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