Change in MP not displayed out of unit's turn

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Change in MP not displayed out of unit's turn

Post by skeptical_troll »

I stumbled upon this today, while trying a weapon special which subtracts movement points to an enemy.

If I modify the moves key for an enemy unit, either by [modify_unit], manually storing/unstoring the unit, or by typing in debug mode :unit moves = 0 (but the problem holds for any amount), this change is never displayed in the icon on the right. The unit will appear as if it had the maximum MP available, and when hovering over it looks like it can reach all hexes normally. Weirdly, if I click on the unit then the reachable hexes shrink to the value I set.

When I run :inspect, however, the units internally has 0 moves as I wanted. This never happens when I modify, for example, hitpoints, experience, or max_moves. Also it does not happen when I modify the MP of a unit when it is its side's turn. In such cases the changes are correctly displayed.

Using Steam Version 1.14.9(9eba78f-Modified) on Ubuntu 16.04.6 LTS

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Re: Change in MP not displayed out of unit's turn

Post by gfgtdf »

Scenario with Robots SP scenario (1.11/1.12), allows you to build your units with components, PYR No preperation turn 1.12 mp-mod that allows you to select your units immideately after the game begins.

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