Adding Add-On Units into the Map Editor

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Adding Add-On Units into the Map Editor

Post by NeuroToxic »

Hey Everyone! I'm new to creating maps in this game. I recently installed the Ageless Era addon, and I wanted to start creating scenarios using these units. However, I can't figure out how to be able to use these units in the map editor (it currently only has the default units). How do I get these addon units to be available in the editor/game? I'm also new to map/campaign editing so a lot of the coding language will probably go over my head, so please explain to me like I'm an idiot :D

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Re: Adding Add-On Units into the Map Editor

Post by Ravana »

Ageless has 10x more units than core, so be prepared for performance issues. That is the main reason why I will not add it there myself.

But it should be possible by changing ... in.cfg#L17 to #ifdef EDITOR and deleting ageless_4_25.preprocessed.cfg.

With 1.15 just changing ... ain.cfg#L8 should be enough.

Addons can be found following ... _directory

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