Networking problem

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Networking problem

Post by H2L »

i am not reporting a bug
atmo i am on w7 and wx 64bit machines using wesnoth portable 1 14 5
i have used both these lappies in the past to run wesnoth np, 2 different installed vers and this portable ver
recently i moved to an area that has open wireless and have not been able to connect with either os or any of the 3 vers
pretty sure the zone uses a remote proxy so i THINK the prob is a "router behind router" type where the initial NAT translation is creating a delay at login. the game reports a server time out is there a simple way to extend my time out, perhaps a command line switch or an ini config? any help would be appreciated
thx in advance

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Re: Networking problem

Post by Pentarctagon »

Does the same problem happen with either the Steam or the stand-alone version?
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Re: Networking problem

Post by lhybrideur »

I would say the proxy simply block wesnoth network port. I have the same problem at work.

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