Map Settings Display Bug?

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Map Settings Display Bug?

Post by PapaSmurfReloaded »

I'm not sure if it's me, but when I turn on the option Use Map Settings when creating a new game, the displayed settings are wrong.

For example, Shroud appears unticked even though the maps do have shroud on as their default settings, and Village Gold appears as 2, when it's 1 for every side. :hmm:

Has this happened to anybody?
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Re: Map Settings Display Bug?

Post by enclave »

I cant remember if I had this problem, but try to play around with mp_fog and mp_shroud, it happened to me in the past that player 1 settings were used in some cases.. maybe when there was not enough sides declared.. or something.. cant remember much..

The use for these is like that:

Code: Select all


just set them yes or no... see if it helps.. gl
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Re: Map Settings Display Bug?

Post by josteph »

Can someone provide instructions for reproducing this? I tried clearing the "fog" checkbox, selecting Den of Onis, and ticking "Use map settings", the fog checkbox got ticked.
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