Recall list gone, leader demoted, how to recover?

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Recall list gone, leader demoted, how to recover?

Post by Maiklas3000 »

I'm in the campaign Invasion from the Unknown (version, scenario Bye and Behold, Wesnoth version 1.11.16, English, under Linux. At the start of the scenario Bye and Behold, my recall list is gone. The dialog suggests this might be intended, but my veterans are nowhere to be found in the start file. Plus, my leader is demoted from Elvish Marshall to Hero and stripped of his abilities that came from rings and potions. A loyal named Igor is missing too. My gold is "missing" as well. (I had less than the min gold for this scenario, so it starts with 250 gold, but I mean it says gold=0 in the game start file when it should be gold=155). I've seen this bug before in a different campaign: ... 39#p572120

I replayed the previous two scenarios to try to fix it, but there is no post-victory linger mode in either, so this time I could not do the fix described above of saving after the victory and then loading. And simply replaying the previous two scenarios resulted in the same situation.

The bug was also mentioned in the Elvish Dynasty thread: ... 28#p571228

Do you have any suggestion for how I can recover?

Can I edit the .cfg file for the previous scenario to make it have a linger mode? The previous scenario is Face your Fate, and its start file does have my veterans, for example an Elvish Shyde named Elridithien as well as the loyal named Igor. (They don't actually appear in that scenario, but it's because one character has gone off on a solo mission.) If you've never played Face your Fate, then I should note...
Attached are the relevant files, in case you want them.
.cfg file for previous scenario.
(20.18 KiB) Downloaded 122 times
Save file for previous scenario on turn 24, just before the end of the game.
(399.28 KiB) Downloaded 127 times
Start file for the previous scenario.
(120.24 KiB) Downloaded 116 times
Buggy start file. Note the lack of the loyal "Igor".
(14.75 KiB) Downloaded 114 times

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Re: Recall list gone, leader demoted, how to recover?

Post by Anonymissimus »

IRC wesnoth-dev wrote:20140729 22:02:41< anonymissimus> shadowm: I probably found a severe carryover bug in IftU
20140729 22:03:02< anonymissimus> at the unterlude between part 1 and 2; recall list lost, characters reset
20140729 22:04:01< anonymissimus> 1.11.16; the last time this was not the case IIRC
20140729 22:05:19< shadowm> Okay, it's as I expected.
20140729 22:05:39< anonymissimus> AHA :)
20140729 22:05:49< shadowm> You'll need to add remove_from_carryover_on_defeat=no to scenario 13's [scenario] tag.
20140729 22:06:25< anonymissimus> I guess it's an engine bug and has something to do with the leader dying ? I also get the defeat sound though it's result=victory
20140729 22:07:04< shadowm> The person responsible for this change would probably call it a feature rather than a bug.
20140729 22:07:09< anonymissimus> ok I'll try hacking the savegame...
20140729 22:07:29< shadowm> The attribute would go directly under [snapshot] in the savegame.
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Re: Recall list gone, leader demoted, how to recover?

Post by Maiklas3000 »

Thanks. Before I read your fix, here is how I fixed it:

1. Edit the .cfg file for Face your Fate to say "linger_mode=yes" (where it says "linger_mode=no" now.)
2. Go back to the Escape. I had a save file from the last turn, so I used that.
3. Replay Face your Fate.
4. After the end of the scenario, don't hit the end button just yet. Instead, save your game and exit.
5. I restarted Wesnoth just to be safe. Load your saved game. Now you can hit the end button.
6. Now the next scenario (Bye and Behold) should start with your L3 leader, loyals, etc.

You could probably instead just edit a save game file for Face your Fate.

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