How to start downloaded addon?

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How to start downloaded addon?

Post by hochbass »

Portable Wesnoth 1.10.7

Wich way to start and play downloaded addons?
I downloaded the most used addons but can`t find a way to start.
Is this becaue of my portable installation?
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Re: How to start downloaded addon?

Post by zookeeper »

Add-ons automatically appear where they ought to; if it's a campaign then it'll appear in the campaigns menu, if it's an era then it'll appear in the multiplayer game creation screen's era selector, if it's a multiplayer scenario then it'll appear in the scenario list. If they don't appear even after restarting Wesnoth, then either 1) the add-on is broken, 2) you're expecting it to show up in the wrong place or 3) the downloaded files actually ended up somewhere your game doesn't find them (which sounds very unlikely).
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