constant disconections

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constant disconections

Post by wtf_is_this »

Hello guys,it is really nice to be part of the wesnoth community for 7+ years for me.This game is really exciting but sadly i have noticed a problem in the last 1-2 years.Hopefully someone can help me ;)

Whenever i browse in the internet,while my oponent plays his turn,i nearly always get disconected from the server.Its even more awfull if i watch a stream(at in the same time while i am playing.If the stream is on,i am getting dc-ed every 4-5 minutes.

My network is quite stablle and i dont have such problems while playing other online games(even with 3-4 streams,which are playing in the same time).

Please help me to find a solution


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Re: constant disconections

Post by AI »

Are these other games real-time? Does not tabbing out of wesnoth fix the problem?

Something that might help is setting ping timeout in the advanced preferences to 30 or 60 or something like that. (maybe a firewall is dropping inactive connections?)

If the other games are real-time, they probably use UDP. We use TCP as we don't care about latency, just about the data getting through, but that does mean a stateful connection exists. These can be inactive for hours normally, but NAT and firewalls need to keep state of everything that passes through them, and may choose to forget about things that aren't active.

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