Minor graphics issues in 1.9.14

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Minor graphics issues in 1.9.14

Post by shadowblack »

While observing a game on Elensefar Courtyard I noticed a couple of odd things (screenshot attached):
1) See where the mouse cursor is? The orange outline passes through the wall. Usually it stays on top of the wall
2) Look at the long wall going north-south, specifically the west side. See those 5 small triangles on it? Those aren't supposed to be there. They appear when I move the screen to the west (so that the wall and the hexes nearest to it are hidden from view) and then immediately move the screen back to the east (so that the wall comes into view). This bug happens most of the time (not always) and happens even if I use map settings (I started a local game on this map and the same thing happened).
The same thing happens with the wall in the north part of the map

Can anyone else reproduce this?
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Re: Minor graphics issues in 1.9.14

Post by Great_Mage_Atari »

I'm sure many others beside you are having this problem. I am included in those people. It is most likely just a bug in the game that needs to be worked out in an update at some point. Annoying as it is, it is quite normal to experience these problems.
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