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Game Crash Report

Post by buraxia3 »

Windows 7 Ultimate

I'm using turkish computer it writes on there:
wesnoth.exe stopped working
Windows looking for fix for this problem

It happened when i clicked update add-ons and connect download add-on page.
Today i deleted 1.9.6 and reinstalled 1.9.7 i deleted every save file and i downloaded my addons again but it happened when i click update addon mistake. Now when i try click connect add-on page game crashes.. :?
Please help me :(
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Re: Game Crash Report

Post by Anonymissimus »

It will hopefully/probably no longer happen with the next release.
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Re: Game Crash Report

Post by darkwraith007 »

This happened to me as well. Restarting the program immediately afterwards seems to have 'fixed' the issue. This may be due to missing/incomplete configuration setting files that Wesnoth needs to set on first run BEFORE accessing the addons server.
Recommended to either have default configuration files already set or to disable the addons button temporarily until the program has been restarted (and to have the help text specify as such).
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