Pango implementation inconsistency + query

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Pango implementation inconsistency + query

Post by Simons Mith »

According to if you wanted to write "You are victorious!" in large, italic, gold letters, you might write it this way:
<span color='#BCB088' size='large' font-style='italic'>You are victorious!</span>
But in the Pango markup formatting guide, about four lines down on the same page, the formatting key for font-style is actually font_style:
font_style, style: One of 'normal', 'oblique', 'italic'.
I've tried out both variants in tips.cfg, and both appear to work OK, but this is a gotcha to be aware of.
CSS consistently uses the - character (font-style, font-weight, etc.), and I have to admit I would tend to follow CSS simply through force of habit.

Second, the query: should I be seeing text marked up as bold actually displayed as bold? It's taken me a while to notice that I'm not, but on MacOS 10.5.8 and Wesnoth 1.9.1-svn 47149 built today, I'm not getting it. Again, I used tips.cfg as a handy area to check. I do see bold in e.g. the online game manual. Note that tips.cfg does appear to respect the other Pango tags I've tried it with, including large text and font colours and various ways of selecting italics.
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