Problem in multiplayer mode

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Problem in multiplayer mode

Post by NurlorVoronwe »

Hello, I was playing in multiplayer when the game froze, or not exactly, the animations were still operating, but the turn didn't advance. The first time was after i finished my first turn at Isar's Cross, I thought the other player was delayed, then I got bored and i got out, then in the lobby I see that they were still playing, in turn 2, so the problem was mine. Then I closed Wesnoth, and by the way, I restarted the computer. I played one game without troubles, and then the next game, in "Orocia", the game became a freeze on turn 9, so I opened another Wesnoth, log in with another nick and i try to see what had happened. They were playing without problems, i enter as an observer, They recognized me and then they give me the control of my side again, but the game get froze again in the next turn. It's really annoying, you cant play well and also the game of the other players get injured, so I want to know if that is a wesnoth problem, or of my computer or of the Internet. The internet never disconnected, I was watching the state of the Internet constantly.

I was trying Wesnoth 1.8.4 on a Windows Vista

p.s. Cairin and Dovolente, sorry! the game was interesting :lol2:
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