Wesnoth crashing

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Wesnoth crashing

Post by blue »

Hey guys i ve been playing Battle for Wesnoth (great game btw) for a while then stopped and came back upgrading the version to the 1,6X i m having some problems with the game.

With 1,62 and 1,63 versions the game would crash every time i exited it. Also at the end of some scenarios of different campaigns the game would also crash and i had to replay the last turn of the scenarion until it ended without crushing although some times this wouldnt work and the game would keep crushing.

Every time its the same message game freezes "wesnoth.exe has stopped working" or "program has stopped responding"

Now i got the 1,64 version the same thing happens but this time when the game crushes all my saved games downloaded campaigns and addons are vanished. Also the game preferences are reseted (not a big deal just thought i 'd mention it)

I m using Windows Vista tried running the game as administrator and tried with older windows compatibility didnt change anything.

Dont know if its my computer's problem or the game's but i was using the same Laptop with the earlier versions of the game (1.2X-1.5X versions) and didnt had any problems.

Anyone else had a similar problem?

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