[Linux]Unable To Save Game

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[Linux]Unable To Save Game

Post by computerquip »

I seem to have a problem where I have the correct permissions for my user and I'm allowed to play the game without interference but I do not have the ability to save replays, turns, and such. When the game fails to be saved, the "OK" button no longer works and to get out it in fullscreen. As a result I have to cold-stop my laptop to get my desktop to come back. Any idea on how to fix this problem?

Operating System: Gentoo Linux
Desktop Software: Xorg with XFCE

If anything else is relevant that you need, I don't mind telling you but I can't think of anything right now.
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Re: [Linux]Unable To Save Game

Post by TofuOgre »

Oh, it sounds as though you do not have write permission where the save files are kept. Try chmod 777 ~/.wesnoth1.6/saves/

Yes, it's poor security, but it's just one folder on a notebook.

Or maybe chown because it is under root:root.

If that is not it, and it is trying to save somewhere else (under /opt/wesnoth... or /root/wesnoth, then try
strace -o error.txt wesnoth
When wesnoth halts, you can read error.txt and it will tell where it was trying to write the save.
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Re: [Linux]Unable To Save Game

Post by Iris »

computerquip wrote:As a result I have to cold-stop my laptop to get my desktop to come back. Any idea on how to fix this problem?
You could just switch to a text console (CTRL-ALT-F1 in most setups), login as your normal user, issue the following commands, and go back to your graphical server (ALT-F7 in most setups - if that doesn't work you can always try with all F* keys).

Code: Select all

killall -9 wesnoth
Regarding the issue at hand: could it be that you don't have enough disk space for saving saves/replays?
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