Steadfast with above 50% Resistance

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Steadfast with above 50% Resistance

Post by Serenity »

I was playing a 40 turn spawn map. I had a pretty good lvl 1 Invader with above 100% resilience to everything...then a few careless moves later that was all i had left. Sitting on a village i thought he could take on the world. That was until he auto leveled into a doom guard. Then he got smacked pretty hard a few times. I checked his resistance and steadfast had pulled everything down to 50% while defending. Is this the way the ability was intended to work? If he wasn't steadfast he would taken everyone on..

If this is the way it works we should change it to deadfast lol

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Re: Steadfast with above 50% Resistance

Post by Noyga »

Thanks for reporting it.
It is however a known bug that has already been fixed recently.
Btw i'm not sure it was fixed in 1.4, for compatibility reasons.
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