Migrating from Linux to Windows - saved games?

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Migrating from Linux to Windows - saved games?

Post by Icarium »


I've recently updated my computer system from Linux (Ubuntu based) to Windows. I have many saved Wesnoth campaign games that I'd like to bring to my new system also.

However, I'm quite unfamiliar with Linux in general and I don't know where to find these save game files that I want to move to the new Windows system. Could anybody help me telling how to do this?

Thanks in advance,

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Post by Soliton »

The save games should be in ~/.wesnoth/saves/.
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Post by Urs »

In your user/home folder that is.

I have ubuntu, and for me it is:

Code: Select all

Why would you migrate from ubuntu to windows anyway? :?

Note: I don't want to start a linux vs. windows discussion.
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Post by sparr »

'updated from ubunto to windows'


'i bought a computer without windows to save money, then installed a copy i had lying around'
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Post by appleide »

it could just as well be :"My aunt gave me a computer without windows and I installed a copy I had lying around".... Thats how I got my first computer lol. It only had dos.
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