Can't download any extra campaigns/eras/factions

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Post by anatelos »

BMintern wrote:
Ethyrdude wrote:or just click the link below

and you end up on a page with downloadable campaigns. Hopefully the server problem will be fixed soon.
I'm not even able to connect to that website :(
I got a response from a few minutes ago, telling me

"Could not read connection number at line 21."

At least that gives a hint where to look.

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Post by Ethyrdude »

Yah, I guess that one is now dead too.

Read here for more info.

One more note, after doing some googling, I think it's safe to say that the Wolff campaign server is not on a T1 line? I'm wondering now about the Wesnoth campaign server, but it would explain a few things. It's probalby safe to say that the demand has begun to overwhelm the capacity of the server/connection..

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Post by ILikeProgramming »

This might explain it:
irclog#wesnoth-dev wrote: 01:05 <boucman> isaac: here is a schematic view of how our network process work...
01:06 <boucman> we have 1 main server thread (which works fine) and 6 helping threads, that do the actual job
01:06 <boucman> so basically, the server thread opens connections, look at what's going on and queues job for the helper threads
01:07 <boucman> there is one queue for all threads
01:07 <boucman> and each thread can only do one job at a time
01:07 <boucman> so when all 6 are doing something big (like sending a huge campaign, the server seems stuck
01:08 <boucman> and the queue tends to grow quite fast seeing how popular wesnoth is
01:08 <boucman> so no real bug here
01:08 <isaac> so it isn't really hanged?
01:08 <boucman> no,
01:08 <isaac> it's just that it's too busy
01:08 <isaac> so you're queued indefinitely
01:08 <boucman> try it, it can stay at 0% for a whole minute, but when you get your slot, you will be connected instantaneously
01:09 <boucman> not indefinitely, just for a large amount of time
01:10 <boucman> isaac: no thread are actually stuck, they are all busy working on their job, but the job queue increases too fast for them to handle it
01:11 <boucman> my advice would be to increase the queue size, not sure how...
01:11 <boucman> I'll look at that next
01:12 <boucman> I'm pretty sure that's our problem now
01:13 <boucman> see, there are 6 people downloading huge campaigns, and everybody else waiting for them to finish
01:13 <boucman> most just drop, so when they are done, the queue is almost empty, the next in has the server working correctly, and then it's stuck again
01:14 <boucman> since "send a whole campaign" blocks the thread until the whole campaign is sent, and some people use slow connections, we can block the whole server quite easily
01:15 <boucman> isaac: still around ?
01:16 <boucman> isaac: I'll increase the numbers of helpers from 5 to 20 and we will see if it improves things, but I'm pretty sure it will
01:16 <boucman> then I'll go to sleep and we will see how things are tomorow morning :)
01:17 <isaac> boucman: uhm
01:17 <isaac> don't do that
01:17 <boucman> why ?
01:17 <isaac> increase it to 10 first
01:17 <boucman> ok
01:17 <boucman> why ?
01:18 <isaac> boucman: it raises memory usage a lot
01:19 <boucman> isaac: done
01:19 <boucman> isaac: if you think the server is stuck again, please tail the log first and see if no new entries are added
01:20 <boucman> as long as you see some "sending campaign" entries from time to time, it's not stuck

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Post by Gus »

Thanks for this explanation =)
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Post by ajf »

It is working again :) Thank you for fixing the problem!

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