Wes 1.1.1: Recall (opt/alt-r) on Mac OS X doesn't work

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Wes 1.1.1: Recall (opt/alt-r) on Mac OS X doesn't work

Post by Skippy »

I don't seem to be able to use the opt-r quick key to recall units in 1.1.1

Are 'people' aware of this problem?
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Post by scott »


There are 2 other hotkey bugs in there too.
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Post by Eleazar »

yeah, for now it's kinda annoying.
in the meantime, i find that Apple+e is easier to use anyway.
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Post by Free »

Can someone please fix this?
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Post by lwa »


The new shortcut driver relies on the character typed with the key. On Mac OS X, the Alt (option) key is a modifier as shift and the character is not the one printed on the key.

I havn't tested, but I wonder if the shortcut works on non latin based keyboard (cyrillic, greek, japanese...), on Mac or other system.
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