Fixing TROW in Wesnoth 1.1.1

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Fixing TROW in Wesnoth 1.1.1

Post by joshudson »

For Linux Systems, run these commands

(from wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth)

# for file in scenarios/*.cfg
> do
> sed -i '/{campaigns\/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth\/utils\/trow-deaths.cfg}/a\
> {campaigns\/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth\/utils\/trow-macros.cfg}' $file
> done
# cp ../The_Dark_Hordes/units/Demilich.cfg units
# cp ../The_Dark_Hordes/images/units/undead-demilich* images/units
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Post by henkutsu »

That doesn't actually solve all the problems.
In the end I went through and retyped the files myself.

Actually, I made it to the sewer section (after fixing the lich problem) before I noticed alot.
(Yes, that means I did oldwood and the port seige (finished it heroecly) without the friendly ai's guards)

Heres a list of the problems I encountered and my fixes.
NOTE: on fedora, wesnoth is installed to "/usr/local/share/wesnoth" and TROW is in "/wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/". You need to have root access to modify these files.

1) Black Screen between missions
This is because the scenarios still refer to "maps/blah.png". The path is now "story/blah.png".

FIX: Do a search/replace for "maps/" to "story/" on all files in "/scenarios"

2) Images not coming up when characters speak.
O.K. there are two parts to this. This is because some of the images are from hero profiles eg lady jessica, and others are called images eg Minister edmond. Both types are broken again because of path changes.

FIX: Do a search/replace for "portraits/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/" to "portraits/" on all files in "/scenarios" AND all files in "/units"

3) King Eldaric on first couple levels doesn't show up, Guards not showing up, Lady Jessica doesn't show up, woes guards don't show up etc. And broken dialogs.
This is because of calls to the macros {GUARD_UNIT... and {HERO.. which are not specified in any of the scenarios. They are defined in "/utils/trow-macros.cfg" but that is not included in any of them.

FIX: Rather that adding that to all of the scenarios, just add the following to the 2nd line of "/utils/trow-deaths.cfg"


4) Can't load the temple under old wood because it can't find the demilich
Well, that's because TROW doesn't have a lich unit.. so lets grab one from The Dark Hords (just borrowing I promise! we'll bring 'im back good as new!)

Copy the following file from "/wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_Dark_Hordes/units" to "/wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/units"
PART B: Copy the following files from "/wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_Dark_Hordes/images/units" to "/wesnoth/data/campaigns/The_Rise_Of_Wesnoth/images/units"

5) OPTIONAL: Burdin the Lost has no images when he speaks
Well, that's because he is a normal dwarven unit, not a hero, so he has no profile picture. But he DOES have a portrait, it just isn't listed in. Why don't we give him it?

FIX: For every file in "/scenarios" search for the string "speaker=Burin the Lost" and add the following line UNDERNEATH it:

Well, that's all I can think of for now, if anyone see's anything else, I'll have a go at it.
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