Simple Typo Found - Rise of Wesnoth Campaign

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Simple Typo Found - Rise of Wesnoth Campaign

Post by Naviland »

I found a simple typo that needs correcting in the third scenario "A Harrowing Escape" in the Rise of Wesnoth campaign.

At the end of the scenario Prince Haldric's dialogue shows the option between going to the Midlands or the Swamp.

The word "Midlands" is not capitalized in the Prince's dialogue snippet; the word is capitalized in every other instance. It's the only blemish I've found in an otherwise terrific game & scenario.

Since Wesnoth is a labor of love for many, I was compelled to make my first post reporting this minor typo.

I didn't think posting logs or a pic is worth the trouble here, but let me know otherwise and I will try to follow up on this. Thanks!
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Re: Simple Typo Found - Rise of Wesnoth Campaign

Post by Pentarctagon »

Thanks for the report, it will be fixed in 1.16.1 :)
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