Secrets of the Ancients (Undead Campaign)

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Re: Secrets of the Ancients (Undead Campaign)

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Noted. I'll look into it.

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Re: Secrets of the Ancients (Undead Campaign)

Post by AlexanderRM »

I just finished this campaign and want to mention how much I like Ardonna as a protagonist- she's obviously evil from pretty early on, a first for Wesnoth campaign protagonists, but she has a noble goal and genuinely wants the secret of immortality to share with others and not just for herself (although not all the people she murders for little reason, but then a campaign about a pacifist transhumanist wouldn't allow for quite so many combat scenarios), which makes it very easy to root for her throughout the campaign.
I'd been thinking about how we don't have very many campaigns with "Evil" protagonists and figured part of the reason is that an Orc who just says "Hah! We kill you now!" every scenario would be less interesting, but now I'm imagining the story of an intrepid Orc explorer who sees his people struggling to feed themselves and leads them on a journey to a new land, and the various challenges he struggles with in doing so such as the people already living there...

Incidentally the final scenario was a very nice touch; I'd switched completely over to ghost units for the last few scenarios having previously raised up a ton of skeleton units as well, and it was nice to be able to bring in literally my entire recall list and fight enough units early on that I actually did need to use every single unit.

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