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Re: HTTT-Underground Channels Development

Post by Konrad2 »

“Isle of the Damned”
When I step with the White Mage on the southernmost temple the Undead appear and say: “Surprise! Searching for magi, and all I get is these foul humans.”, even though they “found” the magi they searched for

After winning the scenario I don't gain 180 gold, instead my gold is being replaced with 180 gold

“The Siege of Elensefar”
When Delfador explains what the Sceptre of Fire is his image changes for this speech

“Northern Winter”
Kalenz answers in the beginning dialogue 'Stop and rest? My lord, we must go hard after the Sceptre of Fire, iest it fall into the hands of our enemies!'

At the end it said that they went on after some days because Delfador said that they have to go. But actually Delfador was for resting there and Kalenz was the one to push on with the quest

“The Lost General”
loyal Revenant spawns on 21,27 (cave wall) when you see Lionel

“The Sceptre of Fire”
there is a green orc side without leader and units, so why does this side exist?

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Re: HTTT-Underground Channels Development

Post by ZIM »

I interested in helping making this scenario better.
Few things that I find odd:
1.Why Bona Melodia calls Konrad "vile creature"?
2.Why there is a swamp in the cave?If it have a connection to outside,why Konrad and others didn't see that in Cliff of Thoria?
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