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Post by Ilanin »

No, really, the save is attached. Honest.
savegame zipped
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Post by mihaipmp »

I have the same problem. After starting "Vengeance", Ethiliel and Minister Hylas aren't present. Also, I cannot recall any of my units. The third problem is that in the previous scenario I took Deoran to level 3, and now he is at level 2. I'm sending here both of the saves.

Later edit: version 1.2.2, easy
The last save in "In the depths" + first one in "Vengeance"
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Post by OldWumpus »

Same problem with "Vengeance" (Ethiliel etc. not there, no possibility to recall any units), Wesnoth 1.3.1, level "hard".

Also on the level before ("Into the Depts"), after saving and reloading a couple of times several old units appeared multiple times on the recall list (and I could really recall them multiple times).
Another small error: the "broken ice" message appeared even If i did not went there.
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Post by agusmba »

Ah, so I'm not the only one. It took me two runs to find out that I couldn't finish this scenario at all due to the missing characters :-)
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Post by pranksterdude540 »

yea how does this campaign fit into the whole Wesnoth timeline exactly... or is it not supposed to?
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Post by thebigcurve »

I just discovered BfW yesterday and played the brothers campaign and then progressed on to the South Guard.
Many have said in this thread that it is an excellent beginner's learning tool.
I have played it on easy, and indeed, it was relatively easy.
I was quite tickled by the plot twist that a choice in the fog provides.
I was shocked, dismayed and horrified when I chose to pardon the bandit leader and the elves deserted me, but I guess that makes sense.
I went on to win that branch of the story and just out of curiosity went back and chose to fight the bandit, the elves stuck by me, and I have played it up until the Vengeance scenario, which is from what I can tell unwinnable.
I am confused, because after a bit I am directed to lead the elf leader chick to the tree for a parley, but I can't see her. I can't recall any of my units from earlier scenarios.
Is this a bug like others have suggested, or am I missing something obvious?
(editing of post begins here)
I went back and played through it again.
I think the problem is that if the trolls I have allied with kill the undead boss guy the scenario is over, I am victorious, but none of my characters carry over except for dorean. I am never given an opportunity to leave the caves, so I guess as far as the game is concerned none of my people made it out and are therefor unable to be recalled.
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Post by SailingSteve »

I also had the same problem with Ethiliel not showing up in the Vengeance scenario. Also, none of my characters were recallable. This made the Vengeance scenario not worth messing with. For a newcomer to BfW like me, this spoils much of the experience and might cause many to give up on it too soon. It's frustrating to spend several hours playing & learning the game to have it "break" and ruin the chance of winning the campaign. :annoyed:
(played it on easy, ver 1.2.2)
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Post by uath »

I'm having the same trouble with vengeance that others are. Ethiliel and Hylas don't appear, my recall list is empty, and Deoran drops to level 2 (with only 38/60 hp.) I was playing it on medium in Windows ver 1.2.3, and a troll killed the Lich in the cave.

Also, something I found very annoying was a severe bottle-neck problem in the cave scenario. I had to replay the scenario 4 times before I fianlly beat it because a troll and a ghost kept getting stuck in the center of the map. The trolls kept piling up in a huge clump and the one in front and the ghost couldn't kill each other. :x I like this campaign, but I thik the frustration factor is a little high for beginners on this scenario.
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Post by SailingSteve »

I don't think the Vengeance problems have anything to do with whether the Trolls kill the Lich or not. I have replayed the Into the Depths scenario until my characters were the ones who killed the Lich. Still the same problem with Vengeance: No Ethiliel, no characters to recall.....
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Post by DinG »

I got the same problem too. And i also killed the lich myself. I think we cant ally with the trolls or something.
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Post by Thanatos »

The same "Vengeance" prop like a lot of other people here. Would nice if this could be fixed...
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Post by Chaosspawn23 »

I have the same problems with the campaign as everyone else ("Vengeance" seems uncompletable due to the missing character, doesn't allow to recall any of my troops), and I noticed an additional bug in "Into the Depths":

In that mission, if you make the "wrong" choice concerning the trolls and thus cause them to attack you, the mission ends without any messages when you kill the Mighty Troll (Troll leader). I think that's not supposed to happen, there should be at least some kind of special message for this event. Also, ending the mission that way somehow breaks the story, because in the later missions the death of the necromancer/elf is mentioned nevertheless.

Oh, my Version: Wesnoth 1.2.3 (German locale)

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Post by gcarreiro »

This is a very good campaign. Good to play, interesting. But everyone stops at this bug.

Where´s Ethiliel?????? = )

We´re all waiting for this Bug-Fix.
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Post by aelius »

I'm returning from my hiatus to look at this and get it fixed. More to come.

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Re: Bug

Post by Eleazar »

gcarreiro wrote:Where´s Ethiliel?????? = )

We´re all waiting for this Bug-Fix.

This may be a bug not with tSG, but with Wesnoth itself. I believe coders are looking into it.
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