Poll: do orcs eat humans?

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do orcs eat humans?

orcs never eat human meat
orcs eat human meat only if there is no other food
orcs occasionally eat human meat, but prefer animal meat
orcs treat human and animal meat the same way
orcs like human meat more than animal meat
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Re: Poll: do orcs eat humans?

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The alternative theory appears to be that the development of social behaviors drives brain size and intelligence. That seems to be debunked. The discussion will probably always be hypothetical because it's based upon assumptions made from the fosil record.

I agree the linked study is not on point. It is leaning in the direction and I really don't want to spend any more time on the subject. I don't mind if we disagree on it because it really doesn't effect matters.

Orcs definitely eat meat. Orcs are, most likely, a primate. All recent species of human (homo) are known to eat all other known species, so it's logical to assume Orcs do, on occasion, eat Humans (and Elves).

I would also suggest that Elves, as well, can be shown to eat Orc and Human, although that is probably far in the past and, I'm sure, all modern Elves would violently disagree, finding the concept disgusting.

I would not be surprised that certain isolated bands of Orc, given climate and environment, regularly eat human.

I also would not be surprised to learn that Orcs, in general, as part of a celebration of religious or historical significance, hold a feast featuring Human (or Elf) dishes.
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